MM Consulting is a strategic marketing consulting agency driven by helping start-up, non-profit and small and medium sized businesses tell their brand story in an authentic, captivating way. We believe that by taking the "intimidation factor" out of marketing strategy, content development, social media, web design, public relations and analytics, we can empower you and your organization to achieve your goals by capitalizing on the tools at your fingertips.

Brands should be able to achieve their core business objectives while conveying relevant, perspective-driven and effective content through a powerful digital presence, dynamic social media content and traditional marketing efforts. 

By understanding your brand's 'health', we can prescribe solutions that are tailored to your company's needs and vision. Consider us your secret weapon.

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Molly Merluzzi is a tenured strategic marketing consultant that works with companies to support their holistic marketing needs. In January of 2016, Molly launched, MM Consulting, an independent strategic marketing firm that focuses on taking the ‘intimidation factor’ out of traditional and social media-based marketing for local, start-up, non-profit, small and medium sized businesses.

MM Consulting provides clients with strategic direction and tactical management of marketing, social media and public relations’ efforts including but not limited to content creation, brand strategy, social postings and advertising, email marketing, website evaluation and design to help them tell their brand story in an authentic, captivating way.

Previously, Molly led global marketing for Nuance Communications', a global technology company focused on artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and gesture-based technologies, Mobile division. At Nuance, she partnered with clients such as Apple, Intel, Samsung, Comcast, Qualcomm and more to fuel powerful media angles, content creation for web portals, blogs and social media, holistic brand narratives, led meaningful and modernized campaigns for partners in the wearables, robotics, advertising, smartphone, tablet and the new frontier of the Internet of Things. Before Nuance, Molly led Keurig Green Mountain's global consumer PR efforts. For more on Molly’s approach, please visit: